Kylie Minogue impresses in Bollywood

The Australian singer reportedly impressed Indian directors with her Bollywood moves after only three days of rehearsals for the film Blue.

The pop singer said she was thrilled to work with India’s double Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman, after recording one of his songs for the move. She met Rahman at the Baftas in London last month where she presented him with an award for Slumdog Millionaire.

The movie is about a sunken treasure ship and is said to have been inspired by the Hollywood production “The Deep”.

Although little is known about the plot, Minogue will reportedly appear in the film playing herself, acting one scene with action hero Akshay Kumar and performing a set-piece song-and-dance routine.

Speaking to reporters, Minogue said she had been overwhelmed by the response she received in India.

“My over riding memory of India is the warmth and professionalism of the people I dealt with whilst making Blue,” she said.

“I arrived here as a stranger but I left considering myself as family.”

“I don’t feel that I’m necessarily at the forefront of a Hollywood-Bollywood crossover because I don’t consider myself Hollywood.

“But I do think this could be the start of something. The fact that I’m here shows it could be the start of something.”

Kumar, who last year starred in a music video with Snoop Dogg said he felt Slumdog Millionaire had “opened many doors for not only India, but for our own film industry”.

He added: “Only weeks ago Kylie was on stage honouring our Rahman at the Bafta Awards, now she’s performing a song composed by the very same man.

“And I’ve heard Kylie moves as sweet as she sings, so it’s back to the rehearsal room for me!”

Minogue is just one of the first Western stars to appear in a Bollywood film – later this year Sylvester Stallone will become the first major American star to appear in a Bollywood film, titled Incredible Love. The move is also rumoured to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger. It will also be the first time an Indian production is shot at Hollywood’s Universal Studios.

Source: Telegraph on line

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