Lady Gaga: is she a ‘he’?

The short answer to the question regarding Lady GaGa’s sex is that probably a very few intimate friends know the truth.  Still, Lady GaGa continues to create an enormous Internet buzz just because of the pictures showing her / him with what looks like a penis.   If Lady GaGa has a penis as well as a vagina it would make Lady GaGa a hermaphrodite – a person with genitalia from both sexes.

Just to keep the controversy and publicity alive Lady GaGa has said she has a “peen and a poon.”  When all is said and done, it really doesn’t make any difference what official gender this publicity-loving entertainer falls under.  It’s all about being in the spotlight.

May we all find our true talents and share them with others in ways that contribute be it entertainment, environment or any other area of positive endeavor.

Check out the video from the live performance that raised questions, in the full post!

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has been fighting the wild rumors of being a hermaphrodite or a cross-dresser for quite some time now, but the persistence of an internet armed with a picture taken from a video at the Glastonbury Festival, plus an equally persistent “quote” attributed to the pop star, has morphed the entire controversy from Lady Gaga as hermaphrodite, a person having the physical genitalia of both sexes, to that of a man (an individual with a penis) wearing a dress.

The internet certainly loves a wild rumor. It seems the more bizarre or unsubstantiated the rumor, the more likely it is to get noticed and get disseminated. Who needs proof in the Age of Information? Apparently, not many. And as sure as cause leads to effect, a rumor will lead to speculation. Like Criss Angel’s death over the weekend (and no, he is not dead) or the outright lie-become-rumor of Betsy McCaughey’s opinion piece in the New York Post that labels President Obama’s medical advisors as virtual Mengeles-in-training, the so-called “deadly doctors” who want nothing more than to kill off all the infirm and disabled in the United States.

But the Lady Gaga rumor is especially tenacious and the surfacing of the Glastonbury “Money Honey” video (and the hermaphrodite picture acquired from it) has added a bit of gasoline to smoldering fire. The video (and picture) shows a standing Lady Gaga in a red micro-mini dress just before she pulls it down. There seems to be revealed a bulge — trick of light, puffed underwear, penis? — for the briefest of moments. But nothing definitive. Even with Lady Gaga’s manager telling ABC News that the rumor and the speculation derived from it and the video were “ridiculous,” the story persists.

Lady Gaga – the live performance and the ..exposure that started the rumors


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