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Lady Gaga: is she a ‘he’?

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

The short answer to the question regarding Lady GaGa’s sex is that probably a very few intimate friends know the truth.  Still, Lady GaGa continues to create an enormous Internet buzz just because of the pictures showing her / him with what looks like a penis.   If Lady GaGa has a penis as well as a vagina it would make Lady GaGa a hermaphrodite – a person with genitalia from both sexes.

Just to keep the controversy and publicity alive Lady GaGa has said she has a “peen and a poon.”  When all is said and done, it really doesn’t make any difference what official gender this publicity-loving entertainer falls under.  It’s all about being in the spotlight.

May we all find our true talents and share them with others in ways that contribute be it entertainment, environment or any other area of positive endeavor.

Check out the video from the live performance that raised questions, in the full post!


Kingsfall – Making An Impact From West Hollywood to Wisconsin

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Kingsfall, the Dallas-based rockers who were named the 2009 Famecast Fenoms and the Bandwars winners earlier this year have added another notch to their belts. After a mini-tour of the south west, they appeared at The World Famous Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Blvd., where they played to a packed house of Musexpo delegates from around the world. One of only 28 artists to attend this prestigious event, Kingsfall impressed fans and industry execs alike:

“Kingsfall is a great band and yes they were hot at the Whiskey!” (Bill Davidow – Virlouise Records)


Kylie Minogue impresses in Bollywood

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

The Australian singer reportedly impressed Indian directors with her Bollywood moves after only three days of rehearsals for the film Blue.

The pop singer said she was thrilled to work with India’s double Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman, after recording one of his songs for the move. She met Rahman at the Baftas in London last month where she presented him with an award for Slumdog Millionaire.

The movie is about a sunken treasure ship and is said to have been inspired by the Hollywood production “The Deep”.


Is Paris Hilton responsible for Rihanna & Chris Brown’s fight?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

There’s never one side to any argument and the same can be said for the horrific feud that erupted early Sunday morning between Chris Brown and Rihanna. But the details of the evening leading up to the big blowup. When the couple arrived in L.A. on Feb. 5, they “were in a non-stop argument,” a source tells OK!. “He wanted to drive to the Grammys in a sports car; Rihanna wanted a bigger car so she could bring friends. They fought, but she gave in. Chris drove and got lost. They were late for rehearsals and she was infuriated.”

Things got worse the following evening at the Verizon & BlackBerry Storm Grammy party at Boulevard 3, where Chris chatted up Paris Hilton while Rihanna performed.

“He and Paris went outside together,” a witness says. Back inside, they got closer. “Paris was all over him,” the partygoer says. “Rihanna caught wind of it and spent the rest of the night glued to him.”

By the time they attended the Clive Davis bash on Feb. 7, it was clear there was a problem. Arriving solo, a stern Chris dismissed the press and made his way to the ballroom. Shortly afterwards, Rihanna arrived and forced a smile for photographers before leaving for the red carpet. Suddenly Chris Brown reappeared as if he was going to meet Rihanna but she was gone.

“It was,” says the source, “an awkward moment.”

The couple managed to hold it together during the gala, but that all changed by the time they left in their rented lamborghini at 12:20 a.m. According to an insider, Rihanna found an ex-girlfriend’s number on Chris’s phone and that was the final straw, igniting the fight that ended with the “Umbrella” singer reportedly being taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for examination on Sunday afternoon.

Source: OK! magazine

Lachi – Ugly Beautiful

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

NEW YORK, NY –– January 21 2009 – The 6412 Ltd is proud to present Lachi in concert on Saturday January 24th at 9pm to release the anticipated “Ugly Beautiful” EP album. The release will be held at Gavin Degraw’s National Underground on 159 E Houston St, NY NY.

Sultry, smooth, intelligent and bold, singer/songwriter and pianist Lachi commands cleverly crafted, insightful yet quirky lyrics in her new EP “Ugly Beautiful” best categorized as piano-driven, jazz-influenced alternative rock. Partly inspired by the trials and tribulations she faces as a legally blind Nigerian-American female from her shy childhood to her world-traveling adulthood, her lyrics steer away from mediocrity and carry with them a message of natural beauty and internal conflict. She holds a deep connection with her music, which can be felt and shared by everyone who watches her on stage. One fan said, “Lachi’s music and her whole being is quite touching to me. her songs are honest from the heart and her voice is a classic.” Another voiced that Lachi “is so passionate when she sings. You really can feel her pain, her joy, or her struggle.”

The “Ugly Beautiful” EP will be physically distributed regionally through Borders Books and Music. The album will also be digitally distributed world-wide through leading distributor Music Just Music™, making it available on digital avenues such as Itunes, MSNmusic, SONYconnect, MTV/Urge, Nokia, Starbucks/Hearmusic and countless others. With an increasing influx of FM and internet radio play requests, along with a green light in licensing through Pump Audio Licensing, Lachi is proving to be one of New York City’s great new emerging artists. “We Can Fly,” a featured track which speaks of the ability to overcome struggles against odds, has already reviewed positively, described as “hit worthy” by Pam Southwell of RPW Records. The track has already been placed on the Violet Femme’s compilation album nationally distributed by RPW Records, and the Girl Power compilation album nationally distributed by Acoustic Fuel.

The CD Release will take place at Gavin Degraw’s new venue The National Underground on 159 E Houston between Allen and Eldridge in New York (near First Avenue). Though young, the venue is acclaimed for its great selection of musical artists. The National Federation for the Blind has embraced Lachi with open arms ever since she joined the organization, and they have agreed to sponsor the event with an official presence at the show. Celebrated artists Emiko and Allison Cipris will also be performing that night, presenting a wonderful evening of women in music.

Lachi is available for phone interview and possible live interview in the Mid-Atlantic region. Please contact Emiko at The6412 LTD at for further arrangements.

Please visit Lachi’s website at for more information, including mp3’s and contact information. 
Be sure to visit her online press kit at for a full bio, and downloadable photos.