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Reality Format “uMan” Series Sold to Mega Channel

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Dori Media Group announced that it has sold its interactive cross platform reality format “uMan”to Mega; the number one Free-to-Air TV channel in Greece.  Dori Media Group is an international media company that focuses on production, distribution, broadcasting and merchandising of Telenovela and Cellcom Israel, the leading cellular operator in Israel. Mega television channel was the first private television station in Greece and was  launched in 1989.  The network airs comedies, dramas, news, current affairs and entertainment shows. The station has also successfully aired reality TV shows. Mega will extend the format’s length so that it follows the show’s participants for 45 days, 7 days a week and over 24 hours a day. Viewers will also be able to catch up events of the day through a daily TV show dedicated to “uMan” on the Mega channel. “uMan” which has won multiple Accolade Awards has now been sold to 15 countries in only 12 months.