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The mayor is – doing it in public!

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Ilse Uyttersprot, the mayoresse of the Belgian town of Aalst was “caught doing it” out in public while on a holiday…

Belgian Mayor Ilse Uyttersprot was filmed while having sex with her partner in the tower of Olite Royal Palace, Navarra.

A tourist, who also visited the site, took images with her camera and saw a couple having sex in a tower and recorded the scene. The incident occurred four years ago but the video came to light recently and unleashed a scandal.


Little Fockers movie review

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Sometimes going into a movie with diminished expectations can be helpful. “Little Fockers” is the third film in what one could either call the “Parents” or the “Fockers” or the “Meet The” series. Its predecessors were, most people know (or else there wouldn’t be a third one, right), 2000’s “Meet the Parents” and 2004’s “Meet the Fockers.” The hook for “Parents,” of course, was pairing Ben Stiller’s patented tightly wound schlub persona with/against Robert De Niro’s tightly wound, maybe even potentially homicidal, tough-guy persona. And the former persona would be proposing to marry the daughter of the latter persona. Get it? You’re dating a woman and you think it’s going great, and then you find out that her dad is Travis Bickle/Al Capone/Max Cady, etc. etc. Hilarity is bound to ensue.


Paul octopus predicts Spain as world cup winner!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

What has eight legs but no backbone? No, not the England team’s lily-livered defence.
It’s Paul the octopus – who, incredibly, has correctly predicted the outcome of all six of Germany’s World Cup matches.

Today, during a live television broadcast, Paul predicted Germany would beat Uruguay in the third place playoff match on Saturday – his seventh prediction of the tournament.
And now he has made his eighth – and possibly the most important – prediction: that Spain will win the final.


Beware: ‘I will kill you in real life if you kill me in counter strike’

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

A French video game fanatic has hunted down and stabbed a rival player who killed his character in the popular online game Counter-Strike. The 20-year old Julien Barreaux reportedly spent six months looking for the player who killed his character in a virtual knife fight. He eventually located his victim, named only as Mikhael several miles from his home in the town of Cambria.


Get it on and outakes – Funny condom ad concept

Friday, January 23rd, 2009
Durex condoms had recently released a video / tv commercial where blown up condom balloons, made up to look like cute animals are having the ..time of their lives. Not only the video is hilarious but also there is another series of smaller videos (you can find them at youtube) with “outtakes” of the commercial shooting. Look them up!

Durex – Get it on video commercial